Friday, September 09, 2011

Chetna, Khadia, Ahmedabad

Facade of a Pol house. I did this sketch in a real 
hurry to escape from the street, which is an extremely
dangerous place to be due to its varied traffic. The walled
city comprises of very narrow lanes which at a time 
contain cows, old women, other short sighted pedestrians, 
dogs and mad motorists.

The pols are a mad place. One always need to be on the look out for broken treads, slippery floors and dung.
This building was 200 years old and one of the best examples of this type. It was recommended to us for an conservation and adaptive reuse project.
A hybrid corinthian column made entirely of wood which hold up the balconies of the building.

Interior space. It was at least three degrees cooler on the inside. Such a refuge from the scorching indian sun. And the whole house seemed to smell 
of earth.

 The central courtyard of the building. It contained huge earthern pots when I visited it last known as matkas.

Down the stairs. the light was just amazing. 
Seemed to dematerialise everything.

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  1. Very intresting sketches...keep them coming.